Hudghton (Greens/EFA), in writing - The overwhelming message of this report is that the European Commission has neglected the fish processing sector. The sector is confronted with the impact of a whole host of EU legislation, from CFP management measures to hygiene and food safety, to the environment, and yet it is all too often ignored. The Waste Water directive is a prime example where the concerns of the processing sector were overlooked. I am therefore pleased that the Committee endorsed my amendments which emphasised that the impact of legislation should be fully assessed, and specifically, that the Commission should provide support for the development of water recycling systems, such as the one recently established by a processor in my own area in the north-east of Scotland. Greater attention needs to be paid to structural support. Processors have been hard hit by
CFP management measures, from quota cuts to decommissioning, but received little or no assistance. Structural support should be positive, not just reacting to management measures, but being proactive in supporting the sector, promoting new technologies and encouraging effective marketing.

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