SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton has expressed regret that the European Parliament is set to restart its costly and wasteful monthly commute to Strasbourg in October.

The MEP is a member of the Campaign for Parliamentary Reform and has long campaigned for an end to the practice that sees the European Parliament move from Brussels to Strasbourg for one week each month. This is estimated to cost the taxpayer more than one hundred and fifty million pounds a year.

The monthly commute had been suspended during September after part of the ceiling of Parliament's chamber collapsed.
Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hudghton said:

"People will find it difficult to fathom why we're going back to this costly and wasteful practice. Every year the European Parliament spends more than a hundred and fifty million pounds of taxpayers money to fund this monthly travelling circus.
"The experience of staying in Brussels in September should have convinced even the most fervent supporter of Strasbourg that it's time to give up on this out-dated arrangement.

"It's not only less costly for the European Parliament to meet in a single location, but less polluting, and a far more efficient way of working. Treaty commitments and an inflexible approach by the French government mean we are stuck with this for the time being, but surely we have now seen the beginning of the end of this wasteful practice."

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