"People Should Not Be Denied Their Say"

The Scottish National Party is drumming up support for the postal vote referendum on the EU Reform Treaty in East Renfrewshire, which is the parliamentary constituency of Westminster Europe Minister Jim Murphy.

Leading SNP parliamentary and council representatives have taken to the streets of Newton Mearns, encouraging people in the area to cast their ballots. The vote has been commissioned in East Renfrewshire by "I want a referendum.com" and is being conducted by the Electoral Reform Society, which manages similar ballots for most Trades Unions and political parties including Labour. Westminster SNP Leader Angus Robertson MP, European Group Leader and SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP, Scottish Government Minister Stewart Maxwell MSP and East Renfrewshire SNP Councillor Tony Buchanan took part in a photo opportunity involving a giant postal-vote envelope at the Avenue Shopping Centre, Newton Mearns to encourage voters to use their ballots.

Speaking about the postal vote referendum Angus Robertson MP said:

"The people were promised a referendum on these EU changes by all political parties, and they must not be denied one now by the UK Government. Voters in East Renfrewshire should take part in this postal vote and make their voice heard. Alex Salmond and I agree that there has to be a full referendum on this EU Treaty. It's time that local MP and Europe Minister Jim Murphy delivered on the Labour manifesto promise for a referendum.

SNP President and European Group Leader Ian Hudghton MEP said:

"Everyone knows that this Reform Treaty is the same as the controversial Constitution. With exactly the same words, it enshrines fisheries as an exclusive EU competence although that has been a disastrous policy. A referendum is supported by the overwhelming majority of the people and they should have their say. This postal vote gives the people of East Renfrewshire a voice and I encourage people to use it and demand a full referendum.

Scottish Government Minister Stewart Maxwell MSP said:

"The Brown and Blair administrations have ignored Scotland's concerns which were explained by the Scottish Government. Instead of using the seat at the top table which Scotland has been denied, the UK sat on its hands and agreed a deal which does not command majority support. The people cannot be denied their say in a referendum.

East Renfrewshire SNP Councillor Tony Buchanan said:

"Voters in East Renfrewshire were promised a referendum by all candidates in the last election including Jim Murphy. He is now breaking his word as the local MP and as UK Europe Minister which is disgraceful. I am certain that the overwhelming majority of voters taking part in this ballot will support a full referendum, which is what they were promised."

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